Canadian Band Walk Off The Earth Goes Viral With Cover Song

Burlington, Ontario indie band Walk Off The Earth have been around since 2006, and after posting a video on YouTube they’ve started to get world wide attention.

The video, seen below, is a cover of Australian band Gotye featuring Kimbra song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.  It was the biggest selling single in Australia in 2011, and was still number one in Germany last week.  Within a couple of days of posting the video Walk Off The Earth had over 3 million views.  And now, only 5 days after being launched, the video has close to 9 million views.

What makes the video unique is that the four person band, along with fellow Burlington native and singer for the indie band Creepshow Sarah Blackwood, play one guitar.  And they play it very well, while singing the song.  So well that Russell Crowe raved about it on this own Twitter account.  “Check out Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Somebody That I Used To Know. Brilliant”.  He even followed that up by pitching his own work to them.  “@WalkOffTheEarth. A revelation. What a collection of voices. Do you write your own songs? Crowe/Doyle Songbook vol iii on i-tunes.”

The question of course is why one guitar?  Well the answer is simple,  “We wanted to shoot a video with everyone, but we only had one guitar at my house,” Walk Off The Earth explained in a tweet.

As for the original band, they liked it too.   Gotye tweeted “I know who to ask for help with acoustic versions of Somebody: Walk Off The Earth. Hilarious and brilliant.”

Picture Courtesy of: Walk Of The Earth Facebook

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