Interview With Jonathan Scott About Season 2 Of The Property Brothers

The W Network’s hit home renovation show The Property Brothers is back with Season 2.  Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have been busy since the series premiered last year, but Jonathan took the time to sit down and answer a few questions about the upcoming season for us.

Real Style: Congratulations on the success of Season One! What can we expect with Season Two?

Jonathan: More specialty rooms like games rooms (man caves), nurseries, etc. We’re also going to have a few really big renos so viewers get the full spectrum…and of course it wouldn’t be Property Brothers without a bunch of the funny behind the scene moments with Drew and I.

Real Style: Can you share any lessons you’ve learned from Season One that you’re bringing into Season Two?

Jonathan: We realized that people REALLY don’t trust twins. They honestly don’t think we can do what we say we’re going to do. We have personally purchased, renovated and sold over 50 homes…believe us! We’re not lying about our abilities.  The big thing we want to bring in Season 2 is more education.  We’re teaching the families and teaching the viewers at home about how to step outside of the box and actually make things happen.

Real Style: Are there any new elements you’ve incorporated into Season Two?

Jonathan: In season 1 we were still trying to figure out exactly what this show was as it seemed to explode out of the gates with our viewers.  We have taken all the feedback from fans and included a lot of what they have been asking to see.  We’re also taking the show down to Austin TX for 13 episodes so our viewers can see a different market with different challenges.  Season 2 is REALLY going to impress and the webisodes online at are also going to educate and amuse the masses!

Real Style: Could you share with our readers some common mistakes people make when buying and/or renovating a home. How can they avoid these mistakes?

Jonathan: The first mistake buyers make is getting emotionally involved in an investment decision.  It can be easy to say I LOVE the kitchen in house…so I can live with the smell in the basement.  Don’t gloss over the facts, that smell could be mold and/or a foundation leak problem.  Your nice kitchen could have just cost you $20,000 in repairs.  The second mistake homeowners make is that they think every renovation adds value to the home.  Not true.  There are many ‘improvements’ people make that are of no interest to another buyer, so you’ve spent all that time and money and you won’t get it back.  Think about what the masses would like to see in a home.  Probably not your secret room off the master to hide all your Star Trek paraphernalia.  Though that would be cool.

Real Style: What are the new trends you’re seeing with home renovating?

Jonathan: Kitchens, baths, and the master still remain as the key focus for most renovations, however I’m noticing that specialty rooms are getting big.  Movie rooms, games rooms, home gyms and elaborate nurseries. You’ll see a lot more of these in Season 2 as well.

Real Style: What materials get homeowners the best bang for their buck?

Jonathan: Know your community and what is ‘expected’ by buyers there. For example, many single board laminate products are almost indistinguishable from engineered hardwood yet they are for more durable for pets and kids.  Keep in mind though that in a high end area, many buyers still have a stigma against laminate, so it may not work there.  Also, consider some fresh paint.  Its cheap, easy to do and can give you the biggest change.  Don’t be afraid to go bold either (not talking neon pink) but if you want people to walk in and be impressed, it won’t happen if all the walls are the same off white.

Real Style: Are there any relatively easy tips you can share with our readers to quickly spruce up the look of a home?

Jonathan: Tear photos from magazines of rooms that you like, then find similar inexpensive accessories that give you the same impact.  Rearrange your furniture, de-clutter and place everything with purpose.  If you have furniture that is overcrowding a space but you don’t want to get rid of it because, well you paid $500 in 1986, then reconsider…it’s in the way.

Real Style: Our female readers would love an answer to the following: Are either of you single?!?

Jonathan: Hmm, to leave you in suspense…or to leak the truth. Well, we do actually disclose this in Season 2…so I guess you’ll have to tune in.

We’d like to thank Jonathan Scott for his time, and to remind you that the Property Brothers Season 2 premieres October 6th at 9pm.

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