Video Of The Week – Star Wars BluRay Changes

George Lucas just can’t seem to leave well enough alone.  With every re-release the Star Wars creator has tinkered and tinkered with his hit movies, and every time he manages to upset his fans.  For instance in the 90’s he made Greedo shoot first in Star Wars, then in the 2000’s he added Hayden Christensen to Return of the Jedi.  He’s even changed the dialogue at times, and had the actor rerecord his line.  This time around for the BluRay release he’s made the Ewoks blink by using CGI to recreate their eyes, and made Darth Vader utter no before dumping the Emperor down the Death Star shaft in Return of the Jedi.  The latter change is what’s upsetting the fans this time around.  Take a listen.  It really doesn’t seem to fit into the scene at all.

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