Madonna’s Video Response To Hydrangeas Controversy

Madonna made news last week for being caught on video loathing hydrangeas and disrespecting her fans.  This week she’s made a video response to the incident in the form of a love letter to the flowers.  It’s rather mocking, saying the flowers don’t know how many nights she’s spent lying awake thinking about how she hurt them.  She even asks them for forgiveness.  Then she goes on to say she’d take her words back, but she can’t.  And regardless, she still hates hydrangeas, and will always hate them.  She says it’s a free country, and she likes roses.  She then throws the flowers to the ground, stomps on them, and walks away laughing.

The point people were trying to make about her reaction to the flowers wasn’t so much that she didn’t like the flowers, but how she treated the flowers given to her from a fan.  Apparently she didn’t get the point however, as she made a video response to the incident, without acknowledging the fan who gave them to her.

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