Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 1 Yes Then Zero

Our Gossip Girl recaps return tonight with the beginning of season 5. Welcome back to the Upper East Side after a long summer. Here’s what happened on episode 1 ‘Yes Then Zero:’

We start with Serena in LA starting her career in show biz, Dan relaxing in the country and Chuck and Nate on their world bachelor tour. Serena, Nate and Chuck meet up in the sunshine. Dan gets wind through the grapevine of an anonymous story published that seriously reminds him of his story (the one Vanessa submitted). More importantly everyone is getting their invite to Blair’s royal wedding (pencil it in your calendar for November). And of course in case you forgot, Gossip Girl has gotten wind that someone in the apartment is pregnant. Who is it?

Blair is trying to plan her wedding with input from Louis’ very demanding mother. To make matters worse, Louis won’t stick up for her. Blair demands respect, so Louis invites her to a royalty only gala (where she will get to wear a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown). While she prepares Dan realizes Vanity Fair will be publishing his story about Blair. He turns to Louis to help him stop the story before it hurts Blair. Louis cancels their plans letting Blair believe he is taking his mother’s side again. She turns to Dan for a shoulder to cry on. This is a strange twist. I almost want her to cancel the wedding so she can be with him, but it’s a lie. Louis does love her, even if she belongs with Dan. Dan admits all (expect for the important fact that he loves her), putting Louis back in her good graces. They are such a boring couple. I want the romance and passion of Chuck or Dan.

In LA, Chuck has a new “Say Yes” philosophy, which is working so far. Don’t be fooled by his renew swagger. When he gets the invite to Blair’s wedding, he turns into a daredevil, goes riding and crashes a motorcycle. It’s obvious that deep down he misses Blair. Even so, he has wise words to tell his friends about how they are growing up and need to start looking at themselves seriously and changing. If only he would take his own advice.

Serena takes a cue from Chuck’s attitude and steps up to get recognized on set. People on set aren’t taking her seriously. They think she’s a spoiled rich girl who thinks life is a game. They trick her into buying drugs for the cast, but she takes the blame bravely. Her honest works in her favour, because her boss, Jane (Vanessa Williams), wants her to stay in LA. Can New York survive without Serena? To make things even more interesting Serena runs into her cousin Charlie (well the fake Charlie who is actually a hired girl Ivy) at a resturant. Now this normal girl has to pretend to be her cousin.

Nate is taking Chuck’s cue too and tries to reinvent himself. While pretending to be a sexy star, Nate meets Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) and has a quick little fling with the cougar in leopard print. Nate loves the older ladies. He should know better. She has a secret alterior motive to seducing Nate, like they all do. You can already tell she is fierce and fiery – probably too hot for sweet Nate.

Oh and about the pregnancy… it’s Dorota… or is it? Is Blair actually expecting a baby? Because the wedding dress seamstress seems to think so. Now that Louis and her are getting along a baby (probably Chuck’s baby) could be problematic! Let’s get this moving, we can’t wait to see what this will lead to.

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