Carrie Fisher Loses 50 Pounds

There was a time early in her career that Carrie Fisher was able to fit into a metal two-piece bikini (think back to 1983’s Return of the Jedi), but in recent years the actress and best selling author has gained a fair bit of weight and didn’t even like looking at herself in the mirror.

“I couldn’t leave the house [to go shopping], because they didn’t have sizes [large enough]. I exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes.”  Fisher said on The Today show.

the 54 year old Fisher appeared on the Today show this morning to reveal the new her.  Immediately the host asked here where the rest of her went, to which she replied “If I knew I don’t want to know, because then I’d have to go get it.”

The 50 pound weight loss took 9 months to complete for the Jenny Craig’s spokesperson.  She says she’s now able to buy clothes that she couldn’t imagine wearing before.  As for how she lost it, Fisher says she’s addicted to the cereal, because “it tastes like contraband.” Fisher also thanked her consultant, who allowed her “to complain to, stamp my fat foot and say I didn’t want to do it.”

Picture Courtesy of:  matt klein

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