Ashton Kutcher Appears On Late Show With David Letterman

Last week David Letterman received death threats for a joke he performed on his late night talk show, and this week Ashton Kutcher made light of the situation by appearing on the show wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest for the interview.  The funniest bit was the name tag he had plastered across his chest proclaiming himself to be “Not Dave.”

Kutcher was appearing on the show to promote Two and a Half Men, the sitcom he has famously replaced Charlie Sheen on.  There has been a lot of hype about the show, including the opener.  It’s been reported that Kutcher is set to receive between $800,000 – $900,000 per episode, and that he’s to play a wealthy man who purchases the house the family were living in.  As for Charlie’s character, it’s still a closely guarded secret, although rumors are pretty clear that his character is killed off, thus preventing any further talk of Mr. Sheen returning at any future time.

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