Video Of The Week – Taylor Lautner Fields Of Dreams Parody

In 1989 Kevin Costner made a hit movie called Field of Dreams, where a mysterious voice told him that if he built it, they would come.  In this parody Taylor Launter takes over the Kevin Costner role, but in this case he’s trying to figure out what to do to help the NFL Lock-out.  Like Costner, Launter is told that if he builds it, they will come, so he builds a football field and ghostly players quickly arrive.  They continue to play until the lock-out ends, and then they head back into the corn field.  Taylor Launter, Ray Liotta, Marielle Jaff, team up with footballers Ray Lewis, DeSean Jackson Tony Gonzalez, Dwight Freeney. Watch for Kevin Costner’s cameo.

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