Captain America: The First Avenger – Movie Review

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) was a teenager with a brave heart who wanted to do what he could for his country during World War 2, unfortunately for him he was short, scrawny and asthmatic.  Every time he tried to enlisted he was deemed unfit for duty and turned away.  Then he met Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), a German scientist who had defected to America and was attempting to create a super soldier.  After volunteering to undergo a procedure that would give him increased strength, size and ability Steve became Captain America.  Armed with an unbreakable shield Captain America sets out to defeat The Red Skull (Huge Weaving), a German madman under Hitler who was Dr. Erskine’s first attempt at a super soldier, and who now leads a fanatical group called Hydra that is out to destroy the world.

Captain America is at its heart an action flick.  Don’t go in expecting anything else because you will be disappointed.  Unlike the previous Marvel Comics releases there isn’t a lot of humor, and the character doesn’t shine as bright.  This is unfortunate because in the comic books Captain America is the leader everyone aspires to be.  The problem of course is that Chris Evans doesn’t really have the charisma to lead a picture.  He’s better when he’s playing a supporting role like he did in the Fantastic Four.    At least he looks the part though.  Tommy Lee Jones is by far the best actor in the flick, and when you do laugh it will be because of something he said.  It’s also interesting to watch Dominic Cooper play Howard Stark, father to Tony Stark of Iron Man fame, because you get to see where Tony got his mojo from.   The special effects do take away from the film somewhat, for instance Chris Evan’s head photoshopped onto a scrawny body looks laughable and the fake New York City reminds one of the terrible movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Over all however the movie does manage to keep you entertained, and Hugo Weaving is simply masterful playing the Red Skull. It’s not a memorable movie, but at least it’s a decent one.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend Captain America: The First Avenger could be a viable option.  If you can look past some of the poor effects you’ll find yourself entertained.  And at least it’s a good way to keep yourself cool.

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