Movies Opening June 3rd, 2011

x-men_firstclassHollywood’s slow release schedule continues, as does their love affair with comic books.  This week has only one full release, and two limited releases.  With the powerhouse that was the Hangover 2 last weekend it should be a battle for first place.

X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the original three movies, and takes place over thirty years before them.  It’s a time when Magneto and Professor X are still friends, and just learning how to harness their incredible powers.  It shows the X-Men’s first incarnation, before Cyclops and Wolverine.  Bryan Singer returns to the franchises, but only as a producer, while Matthew Vaughn, who directed Kick-Ass last year, takes over as director.  With fresh faces in the starring roles, and new plot lines to flesh out, this looks like the start of a good thing.  The stars have all signed on for three movies, so you better believe if this one does good that there will be more on the way.

In limited release is Beginners, a story about a 75 year old man who decides to tell his son that not only is he dying of cancer, but that he’s gay and has a younger lover.  Christopher Plummer plays the lead role, while Ewan McGregor plays his son.  It seems to have a great cast and a decent plot, but it received mixed reviews at last years’s Toronto International Film Festival.

The only other movie opening this weekend is also in limited release and it too premiered last year at the Toronto Film Festival.  Submarine is the story of 15 year old Oliver Tate who is determined to lose his virignity before his next birthday, and break up his mother’s current relationship with an old flame.    The movie is an odd ball comedy that has attracted decent attention at film festivals, and should be a good flick to catch if you want a break from mainstream Hollywood films this weekend.

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