Gossip Girl Preview: The Final Five Episodes

gossip girl season 4It feels like Gossip Girl has been on break forever, but it’s back next week and the new preview for the final five episodes is SHOCKING! Blair is getting engaged, but to who is the question?

Love has been a series of ups and downs for little Blair. From her childhood romance with Nate to her passionate escapades with Chuck, she just wants to find a prince. Last season, Blair met a real prince in Paris and it looks like he is coming back to find her. Only problem is that Blair just kissed Dan and is clearly in love with him. And then there’s Chuck who is the perfect match for Blair in theory, but not practice.

The preview had┬ámy heart racing for a few minutes pulling me back and forth. Who is Blair’s one true love? Blair and Chuck are practically perfect in every way, but I am rooting for Dan. Dan can balance out Blair and keep her rooted. Opposites attract right? No matter who she marries this will be the wedding of the year.

Watch the preview for the final five Gossip Girl episodes and let us know who you think Blair should be with:

[youtube 9UTIOrQKgZM]

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