Interview: Exclusive-Stereos On Canadian Music & JUNO Awards

stereos-band-musicAt yesterday’s JUNO Fan Fare there were many bands who had the fans screaming and none more so than Canadian band and last year’s JUNO nominees Stereos. After making a name for themselves on the MuchMusic show disBand, Stereos have gone on to see huge success across the country. In an exclusive interview with Stereos ,Real Style Network found out about their fans, their JUNO’s advice and their favourite Canadian music.

Real Style Network: Last year you were nominated and this year, you just got to enjoy the JUNO festivities. Is it a different experience?
Pat Kordyback: This year we just get to the meet the fans, which in all honesty, is the best part about being in a band.

Real Style Network: With JUNO fan fare you are about to meet a lot of fans, do you have any crazy fan stories?
Pat Kordyback: We get a lot of crying, which is normal I guess, but I still feel bad. We did have fans going through our garbage when they found out where we lived, which is too much…. There was one kid who managed to sneak into our trailer for a two hour drive to the next show. Where we got there we found him, like a little Easter egg. We had to put him on a bus ride home.

Real Style Network: Since this is the 40th anniversary of the JUNO’s, who says classic Canadian music to you?
Pat Kordyback: Swollen Members
Miles Holmwood: Rush
Aaron Verdonk: The Log Drivers Waltz. If you don’t know that, you aren’t Canadian.

Real Style Network: And what up and coming Canadian bands would you recommend for people check out?stereos-juno-awards-music
Pat Kordybeck: Neverest, who we are on tour with now, and The Artist Life, who have a new cd coming out next month.

Real Style Network: Last year, you were nominated for New Artist Of  The Year, do you have any tips for new bands who are nominated for the first time this year?
Aaron Verdonk: Lower your expectations immediately. The award ceremony itself was very entertaining, but when you go nominated twice and leave with nothing you start to wonder about yourself. [laughs] So lower your expectations kids. [laughs]

Real Style Network: So, you are currently on a cross Canada tour for your new album, what can fans expect from the show?
Pat Kordybeck: It’s definitely our best show yet. We’ve always focused on sounding good. Now we’re trying to be more entertaining.
Aaron Verdonk: Now we’re focused on looking good. We’ve learned where we shined. [laughs]

You can pick up Stereos’ new album Uncontrollable in stores now and see them on tour in Canada near you this spring.

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