Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged With Grand Theft

lindsay-lohan-21Last week the story broke that Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan was under investigation for stealing a $2,500 necklace, and now it appears as if she will be officially charged with one felony count of grand theft.

Last week police obtained a search warrant for Lindsay’s Venice home, but before they could issue it the necklace was returned.  At the time it was unknown who has returned it, but it was apparently one of Lindsay’s associates.  A source told People that the actress claims the necklace was borrowed not stolen.  “Lindsay’s used to getting gifted items that are worth way more than that. And why would she steal a necklace? She has tons of jewelry and doesn’t need any more.”

Lohan is required to show up at an L.A. courthouse Wednesday afternoon for her arraignment. If she ends up convicted of grand theft she faces several years in jail in state prison.  Of course prosecutors must prove criminal intent, which there doesn’t seem to be at this time.  It really just sounds like a misunderstanding.

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