Movies Opening November 24th, 2010

burlesqueThis week new movies open two days earlier thanks to the US holiday weekend.  A wide variety of movie types are being released, including a musical, an animated children’s movie, an action movie and a romantic comedy.  Do any of them stand a chance against the juggernaut that is Harry Potter though?  Probably not, as the boy wizard is most likely headed towards another strong weekend, but the competing movie studios can hope can’t they?

First up is the Cher / Christina Aguilera musical Burlesque.  It’s about a small town girl trying to make it in the big city.  It’s a common enough plot, but looks to be entertaining.  This movie could make or break Christina’s bid to become an actress.  It’s also Cher’s first movie since 2003, so if it bomb’s she’ll probably vanish for another long while.

Tangled is Disney’s latest animated movie.  The story is loosely based on Rapunzel, with a few Disney twists.  There has been a bit of an outcry amongst fairy tale purists who dislike the story being changed, but if you think about it they didn’t seem to care that Beauty and the Beast had a singing tea kettle in it.  This is probably the best bet to break Harry Potter’s strangle hold on number one, but don’t hold your breath.

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) was once heralded as the next big action star, but somewhere along the way he fell into family fare movies.  In Faster Dwayne returns to the genre he was meant to rule.  He plays an ex-con out to avenge his brother’s death.  It looks like a typical guy flick, with a lot of car chases, explosions, and violent deaths.

And finally this week we see the new Anne Hathaway/Jake Gyllenhaal movie Love and Other Drugs.  This romantic comedy is about a love affair between a Viagara salesman and a free spirited woman who doesn’t want a relationship to hold her down.  The movie has attracted attention for the excessive amounts of nudity and sex, but it’s also drawing good attention from critics who are starting to compare it to last year’s Up In The Air.

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