Nokia Contest Gives Fans A Chance To Get Filmed In Bed With Pamela Anderson

Pamela AndersonHave you ever wanted to star in a steamy scene with Pamela Anderson?  How about with Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick?  Well in one of the oddest contests ever, Nokia is offering just that.

The Nokia contest website says “Want to star alongside Pam in a short feature film? Written and directed by British directors the McHenry Brothers, ‘The Commuter’ will be shot entirely in HD on the new Nokia N8. Filming will take place on the 20th September in London, and you could have the once in a lifetime chance to join the stars on set and play a part in the film!”

Apparently the scene with Pamela is a bedroom scene, whereas the scene with Ed is a scene in an elevator.  Exactly what these scenes are to be about is unclear, but with a scantily clad Pamela lying on a bed being the only picture on her contest website imaginations are sure to run wild.

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