Movies Opening September 10th, 2010

Resident_Evil-_AfterlifeWith the Toronto International Film Festival opening this weekend movie audiences in Toronto will have their attention elsewhere, but for the rest of North America there are still a few new releases to keep them entertained.  You’ve got Milla Jovovich returning to battle the undead in 3-D, a movie about a teenager trying to lose his virginity filmed for what looks like Youtube, and a movie that is supposed to be a documentary but may not be.

First up this week is Resident Evil:Afterlife.  Paul W.S. Anderson returns to the Resident Evil franchise after letting someone else direct parts two and three.  Milla Jovovich also returns as the the zombie fighting, Umbrella corporation hating heroine Alice.  Ali Larter and Sienna Guillory join her once more as they find themselves travelling to Los Angeles where there is hope that they can find a safe haven from the chaos all around them.

The Virginity Hit could very well take the top spot this weekend if audiences are looking for a raunchy sex comedy.  This movie is about four teenagers filming their buddy as they attempt to help him lose his virginity.  This low budget movie could very well pave the way for YouTube movie makers to hit it big on the silver screen if it succeeds.  If it doesn’t, at least they didn’t pay for any well know actors or have a huge budget.

Is it real, or is it fake?  That’s what movie goers will ask this weekend when they go to see Joaquin Phoenix’s new ‘documentary’ I’m Still Here.  Directed by his good friend Casey Affleck, this movie supposedly documents Phoenix’s metamorphosis from Hollywood actor to rap star.  Even after viewing it, movie critics have been left confused as to how they should classify this movie.

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