The 2010 Emmy Predictions

EmmyAwardThe 62nd annual Emmy awards are upon us, and this Sunday night we’ll see which shows claim the top prizes. The Pacific has drawn the most attention with 24 nominations, but Glee and Mad Men aren’t far behind with 19 and 17 nominations each. Also with the possibility of Conan O’Brien winning an award for his short stint on the Tonight Show it should be an interesting viewing experience. For the record, Conan is still under a gag order on what he can or cannot say about NBC. It doesn’t expire until the 1st of September, but it only prevents him from making disparaging remarks, not from talking at all.

Let’s start with Outstanding Drama. This could be a tight race, but Mad Men will take it. Lost will be in the running due to it ending, and True Blood will get some consideration due to it’s popularity, but Mad Men has the critics raving.

Lead Actor in a Drama. The competition in this one really comes down to two horses. Michael C. Hall of Dexter and Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad. Look for the former to pick up the win here due to his battle with cancer. It was a story that broke back in January, and even though it is in remission it’s the type of story that helps win awards.

Lead Actress in a Drama. There is no race here. Julianna Margulies wins for The Good Wife, end of story.

Outstanding Comedy. The question here is whether the voters get Glee, or they don’t get Glee. If they get it, Glee wins hands down, if they don’t look for Modern Family to take the award. 30 Rock is still in the running, and has won the last three years in a row, but it won’t win this year.

The Lead Actor in a Comedy category is completely up in the air.  Steve Carrell has never won (7 nominations so far) and has announced that next year is his last on the Office.  Does that win him the award?  Or will it be Larry David for his incredible Seinfeld reunion he put together on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Does Alec Baldwin win his third award in a row for 30 Rock?  How about Tony Shalhoub for Monk, since the series has now ended.  It will be tight, but expect to see Alec Baldwin win again.

Whereas the in the previous category anyone could win, the Lead Actress in a Comedy category comes down to three women.  Tina Fey for 30 Rock, Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie, and Toni Collette for the United States of Tara.  This will be a tough call as well, but Toni Collette should pull it out and take the trophy home for a second year in a row.

The 62 Annual Emmy Awards air live this Sunday evening on NBC and CTV at 8pm.

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