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3 Fantastic Waterproof Mascaras

    If there’s one season you need waterproof mascara, its summer! A good waterproof mascara will have your lashes looking full and lush without any smearing or smudging.  See below for three of our favourite waterproof mascaras. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof: This classic mascara is both affordable and effective. Great Lash conditions as it […]


4 Fantastic Drugstore Waterproof Mascaras

  For most of us, waterproof mascara is not worn daily. Its most frequently used in the summer months and on occasions where we’re exposed to water (like those visits to the waterpark). When it’s time to pick up a waterproof mascara, your local drugstore has some great options that’ll keep your mascara in place […]


5 Waterproof Mascaras That Will Beat The Heat

To avoid smudging, running and smearing mascara this season, check out the best waterproof mascaras that will beat the summer heat: