fall hair colours

Flannel Hair Colour Looks To Be One Of Fall’s Biggest Hair Trends

  With fall right around the corner, autumn hairstyles, cuts and looks are making news. The latest hair trend with serious buzz for fall is “flannel hair”. The strikingly pretty look is a combination of deep, rich reds and browns with tones that include auburn, copper and mulled wines. Flannel hair varies in intensity and […]


Cream Soda Hair Is The New Twist On Blond

If you loved sipping on cream soda as a child, you’re in luck this autumn. As we step into a new season, there’s nothing quite like refreshing your locks to suit the change in the weather. With September upon us, the trend of cream soda hair has officially made a splash. While this fad may take its name from the sweet, fizzy drink, it is focused on a rich and eye-catching shade of blond.