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Botox – Still the Best Treatment for Wrinkles?

For women around the world, the need to reduce the look of wrinkles is a top priority. For many years now, Botox has been the go-to option for women seeking a smooth, line-free face, but is it still the best option?


Smart Phones Causing More Wrinkles

If you are one of those ladies that is addicted to checking her smart phone at all hours for a new tweet or BBM, you may be at risk of developing premature wrinkles. Dr. Brian Glatt, a plastic surgeon from New Jersey, says he is seeing more patients coming in for Botox injections in their face with wrinkles caused by straining to stare at the small screen.


Doctor Warns Of Pedicure Risks

one doctor is warning women of the risks of getting these new lacquer nail polishes applied during your next pedicure including skin cancer.