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4 Fantastic Drugstore Waterproof Mascaras

  For most of us, waterproof mascara is not worn daily. Its most frequently used in the summer months and on occasions where we’re exposed to water (like those visits to the waterpark). When it’s time to pick up a waterproof mascara, your local drugstore has some great options that’ll keep your mascara in place […]


Top Summer Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

It’s finally June- warmer days, longer nights, and bigger smiles can only be around the corner from here on in. Before you get ready for that weekend road trip to the cottage though, have a look at your cosmetic bag. Are you prepared for the great outdoors, beauty-wise? Summer comes with its own set of beauty guidelines for keeping hair and skin healthy and nourished. Here’s our list of tips for avoiding classic summertime beauty mistakes.


We Love These Waterproof Mascaras

When it comes to dazzling summer eyes, waterproof mascara is a must. Perfect for day-to-day outdoor activities and poolside fun, we highly recommend investing in a good waterproof mascara. Check out our best waterproof mascara picks this season.