Miss Universe Set To Launch Diverse Skincare Line

The Miss Universe Pageant is expanding once more, with their organization announcing that they will be unveiling the Miss Universe Skincare line during the 72nd Miss Universe competition in El Salvador in November 2023. The goal is to cater to the “diverse and multicultural skincare needs of people from around the world”, while the brand is meant to “uplift, empower, and inspire women to embrace their truest selves.”

In a press release Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, CEO of JKN Global Group PCL said, “For an impressive 72 years, Miss Universe has been an unwavering champion of beauty. It is our privilege and pride to collaborate with two key partners who shares our vision of celebrating diverse women around the world – Olivia Quido, a famous beauty expert with over 20 years of experience in skincare; and Raul Rocha, a prominent veteran entrepreneur with diverse business portfolios, to create Miss Universe Skincare that is blessed with all ingredients to live up with Miss Universe brand’s true and original spirit.”

The Miss Universe Skincare line was created out of a need of addressing the diverse skincare needs of global consumers. The company claims that the high-end ingredients were all carefully selected, and their products benefit users of all ages and provide solutions to issues like hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and acne. The brand will become the official skincare brand of the Miss Universe pageant, and all contestants will be brand advocates.

The Miss Universe Skincare collection is launching with 9 products: Fresh Face Milky Cleanser, Bright Lights Toner, Dewlight Glow Daily Moisturizer, Golden Glow Face Serum, In the Spotlight Sunscreen, Satin & Silk Micro Exfoliant Powder, Diamond Glow Mask, Light Up Eye Cream, and Dream Big Night Cream. These products contain ingredients found around the world, including:

Asian Tea Olive from Southeast Asia which can help reverse senescent changes targeting millennials and young consumers.
Baobab Extract from Africa, which firms and moisturizes.
AFA from North America is a moisturizer and skin repairer.
Acai Fruit Extract from South America, which is a super fruit extract rich in Omega 3,6, and 9. It is commonly used as an antioxidant and moisturizer.
Lichen Extract from Antarctica has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in Usnic Acid.
Snow Algae from Europe is extracted from red snow algae from the Swiss Alps, and has been found to slow down the skin aging process.
Eucalyptus Extract from Australia promotes relaxation and skin conditioning.

The Miss Universe skincare line is just the latest in the expansion of the Miss Universe organization. Earlier this year they launched a line of drinks under the label M*U Beverage, which included M*U NØR Natural Alkaline Mineral Water and M*U functional beverages. Coming up later this year the Miss Universe Skincare & Spa will open in Miami as well.

The Miss Universe Organization’s goal is to create a future forged by women and good for all. It supports women and helps them realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence. They aim to create opportunities for success by providing an international platform that can affect positive change in the world around them.