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8 Essential Tips To Prevent Skin Damage This Summer

Summer has officially arrived, bringing with it hot, sunny days. This means of course that we need to protect our skin, otherwise we may end up damaging it by drying it out, getting sunburnt, or worse. Thankfully there is plenty of advice to be found, including from board-certified and nationally recognized dermatologist, Dr. Fayne Frey. She’s known for giving honest and transparent advice, instead of pushing products on consumers. In her critically acclaimed book, The Skincare Hoax: How You’re Being Tricked into Buying Lotions, Potions & Wrinkle Cream, she discusses 8 essential tips to prevent skin damage and promote cancer protection.

  • Dr. Frey is well known for stating that “Sunscreen is a must,” and there are many health reasons for it. With so many options out there however it can be difficult to choose the right one. She suggests that “adults should use a minimum of 30 SPF. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended for all adults.”
  • Adults aren’t the only ones who should be using sunscreen however, children should be using it as well. In fact a lot of kids spend more time outdoors that adults do. Dr. Frey suggests that “Kids and those with sensitive skin should use mineral sunscreens. Those that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide filters.”
  • Many of us enjoy spending time lounging around on the beach to get a suntan, or even in our own backyards, but Dr. Frey says that we should “Avoid direct sun exposure at all times. Ultraviolet light from the sun does penetrate clouds and therefore sunscreen should be applied even on overcast days. Remember that no sunscreen is 100% protective of the sun’s harmful UV rays.”
  • We all know the pain associated with sunburns, and many of us understanding that sunburns aren’t good for our skin, or our health. But did you know that “After 5 sunburns your risk of melanoma doubles. Frequent tanning and sunburn increase the incidence of skin damage and skin cancer.”
  • It’s not always possible to get outside and get a natural tan, so we turn to spray tans and self-tanner lotions. This is fine, as they are not harmful to the skin. Dr. Frey wants you to remember however that “you STILL NEED to apply SPF. Spray tans and self-tanners are not detrimental to the skin; however, they do not offer any protection from the sun’s rays.”
  • Did you know that you are Vitamin D deficient, you shouldn’t sit in the sun? You should take a supplement instead. “The AAD does not recommend getting Vitamin D from direct, unprotected sun exposure,” Dr. Frey said. “If you’re diagnosed with this deficiency, take supplements and use SPF protection.”
  • There are many myths out there about who can or cannot get skin cancer, but Dr. Frey wants you to know that “Skin cancer occurs in ALL skin types. The incidence of skin cancer is higher among lighter complected individuals; however, skin cancer does occur in all skin types.”
  • You should never put your health at risk by assuming you are healthy. Dr. Frey recommends that you “Get an annual skin exam. As part of a complete early detection strategy, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a check-up annually for adults, or more often if you are at a higher risk of skin cancer, for a full body professional skin exam.”

Fayne L. Frey’s book can be found on Amazon, or through her website