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Kelly Ripa and Cher Say No To Gray Hair


Embracing gray hair has been a trend for quite some time.  Many women across North America have chosen to let gray hair show instead of undergoing the never-ending hair colouring process and cycle. For some its led to a feeling of power, strength, personal acceptance and pride. There are some however, who say the gray hair trend isn’t for them. Icon Cher is one of them.

Speaking to People Magazine, Cher says her signature jet-black tresses are here to stay. “[Going gray] is fine for other girls. I’m just not doing it!” Inspired by Cher, Kelly Ripa also confirmed she’s not a fan of gray hair for herself. Hello! reported that on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ she shared her thoughts about Cher’s stance on gray hair as well as her own. “Cher was saying that gray hair is not for her,” Kelly said. “She is not caving in, she doesn’t care about the trend — you know, people are embracing their gray hair all over the place. Everybody’s embracing their gray hair.” She ended by saying: “I need to dye my hair,” although she did add that people were free to embrace their natural hair color if they wanted to and certain people could pull them off better.

It is indeed a personal choice.