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2022 Beauty Trends


Beauty industry expert Rohan Widdison, CEO of New Laboratories, spoke with The Daily Mail about 2022 trends and he believes that skincare will be more of a focus with adults, pre-teens and teens all taking an interest in better skincare products, routines and practices.

Natural Deodorants and Clay Masks: Widdison believes these two product lines will continue to be very popular with consumers looking for clean products.

Skincare: With people continuing to work from home, the need for makeup lessens and skincare becomes a focus.

Sustainability: A much-hyped practice, but still top of mind for many beauty consumers. Fair and ethical sourcing are just some of the ways people are looking for industry change.

Evidence-based Skincare: Flowery language won’t cut it. Claims backed by evidence will be important as we move through 2022.

Pre-Teen and Teen Skincare: This trend is all about adopting good beauty practices at a young age.