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Tips & Tricks That Help With Bloating


Many women are challenged with occasional (or in some cases frequent) bloating. A case of bloating can come on for a variety of reasons and at various times. See below for a list of tips and tricks that may help you deal better with your battle with the bloat.


1. Exercise. Go for a walk, take a bike ride. Exercise really does help to get the bowels moving.

2. Massage. Massaging your abdomen can provide relief for some people.

3. Take a bath. A relaxing, warm bath can soothe the abdominal area.

4. Change up your diet. Consider slowly increasing your fiber intake and ensure you’ve got a nice balance of vegetables and fruit in your diet every day. 

5. Drink water. Ditch the sodas and other carbonated drinks and replace with water.

6. Probiotics. Consider probiotic supplements.

7. OTC. Talk to your pharmacist about over the counter medications.


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