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Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist Shares Thoughts On Makeup This Season


Even though some of us have changed up our makeup routine and may not be wearing makeup daily, there’s no denying that makeup can make us feel a little better. Fenty Beauty global makeup artist Hector Espinal is (no surprise) a vocal fan of the benefits makeup can offer in these uncertain times. Espinal recently participated in a Q&A with E! and dished on his thoughts on makeup this season. See below for a few highlights and check out the full article here.


E! News: What are some easy makeup hacks people can learn and try from home right now?

HE: Earlier, I was getting prepped for a Zoom call, and I was like, ‘How is the everyday woman doing this?’ Because as a makeup artist, sometimes we tend to struggle, ’cause we look tired or we’re just lazy. At home, the best thing is: less is more.

You really don’t need foundation as much as you did before. A good concealer, something peachy to color correct any dark circles, and something to warm up your complexion to give you that nice, youthful, fresh look. And a blush! Without a blush, you look flat. So concealer, a little bit of bronzer, blush and then most importantly, to seal the deal, mascara. Mascara makes you look fresh and awakened.


E! News: In what ways do you think beauty helps during these uncertain times?

HE: In many ways… it prevents you from getting depressed. We’re so used to doing our regular routines and stepping out. One of the things I’ve been doing that I’ve been telling people is to continue your routine. For me, I love getting my manicures, I love wearing a lot of cologne. Every single Friday, I’m doing my at-home manicures and pedicures. There’s no ifs and buts. Sometimes I don’t want to do it, but it makes me feel better.