Tips For Colouring Your Hair In The Comfort of Your Own Home



With many of us confined to our homes, tasks we might normally have paid someone else to do are now falling to us to complete on our own. Salon visits are one of those things we can no longer do. Whether you’re looking to maintain your colour or refresh roots, we’ve got some tips that’ll help make the at-home hair colouring just a little bit easier.


Buy more than you need: If you have hair that’s shoulder-length or longer, buy two boxes of hair colour to ensure full and even coverage. Never try to mix or customize your own colour.


Do The Strand Test: Many skip this, but its especially important if your trying out a new shade.


Section Hair: Section hair off when colouring. Four sections work well then start colouring from front to back. This will help ensure even coverage.


No Need To Shampoo Before Colouring: Skip the shampoo at least 24 hours before you plan to dye your hair. The natural oils in your scalp not only help to prevent irritation, but also allow the dye to get a better hold on your hair. This tip works for after your dye job too, as the more frequently you shampoo your hair, the faster the dye will fade.


Always Condition: Don’t forget to condition when finished colouring. Its in the box for a reason!


Use a Colour Protecting Shampoo: To protect and keep colour in optimal condition, use a colour protecting shampoo.