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Dry Fasting – An Extreme New Wellness Trend


Dry fasting has been making news around the world and its raised concerns among health and wellness professionals. Dry fasting is basically restricting intake of liquids. It’s a water-free lifestyle. Followers get their fluid from food sources like fruit and vegetables believing this is a healthier, more natural approach to wellness.        

Nutritionist and registered dietitian Leslie Bonci spoke to The Today Show about dry fasting. “That’s a dangerous idea that is “not healthy in any way, shape or form. Dry fasting, or any diet that limits hydration, can have harmful side effects.

“The biggest issue is the limitation on fluid,” Bonci told TODAY Health. “Hydration is absolutely essential. We know that there are so many health impacts to being marginally sub-hydrated, let alone saying, ‘Hey, let’s put ourselves on a massive fluid deficit!’ I just want to start smacking people!”

If you’re interested in learning more about dry fasting, you should speak with your healthcare professional.