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Hermès To Launch Lipstick Collection


The legendary house of Hermès announced their first ever foray into the world of cosmetics with the launch of a lipstick collection. The new Rouge Hermès line is said to be inspired by the legendary Hermès bags. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the collection will launch in March and will retail for $67, with refills for $42. They will be available in 24 colors (plus three additional options every season, for $72 each) and two different textures, a matte inspired by Hermès’s fine-grained suede and a satin meant to imitate the glow of box calf leather, of Kelly bag fame. The natural ingredients, like beeswax and white mulberry extract, were developed by Touron at Hermès’s laboratory in Normandy. The pigments are intense and electric, hitting across the color spectrum, and include a deep purple, a neutral rose, a true red and a bright, light Orange Julius color.

Fans of Hermès will be able to find the lipsticks at Hermès boutiques, on hermes​.com and at select retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue.