Tips For Avoiding Summer Flat Iron Hair Damage

Summer can be taxing on sensitive hair strands. If you use a flat iron to style hair in the summer it’s important to protect the hair as much as possible. Everyone wants a smooth, frizz free look and it is possible while minimizing damage to the hair. Check out some of our favourite tips for avoiding flat iron damage.


Try not to use daily – Consider using your flatiron on an infrequent basis to help reduce overall damage.   

Only use on dry hair – Do yourself a favour and only use a flat iron when hair is dry. Air dry or blow dry first.

Protect your hair – Use a good quality hair protectant. Apply before using your iron.

Use lowest heat setting – Use the lowest setting that works for your hair. Experiment with heat and remember the temperature doesn’t need to be high for good results.

Use a ceramic flat iron – Consider investing in a ceramic flat iron.  Ceramic plates can help protect hair and minimize damage.

Section hair – Straighten your hair in sections. Use clips to separate hair and do each section one at a time. 


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