Summer Hair Trends


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine Joico Brand Ambassador, Instagram and YouTube hair expert Larisa Love shares tips, tricks and advice for 2019 hair.


What is your favourite current hair trend?

I’m really loving for styling, curtain bangs, that is so trendy right now.  They are very wispy but they frame the face. I’m also loving pastel tones for colours. It’s been trending for a while now but I feel like some trends just don’t die if anything they go further. So, I’m loving pastel pink – like Hailey Bieber and Maisie Williams they’ve been rocking the pastel pink. I’m also loving jaw line bobs.


What hair styles/colours do you see being the most popular for 2019?

Right now, what I see trending for blondes is a lot of sandy, nude beige tones, nothing too gold, nothing too silver something in between. These colours also compliment almost every skin tone. For redheads, seeing strawberry red, nothing too copper nothing too bland that perfect natural tone in between. For brunettes, I’m seeing rich, natural golden tones. Overall, nothing that is high contrast with highlights, just 2-3 shades off of each other. I just did Millie Bobbie Brown’s hair with that minimalist colour in mind. And this minimalism is reflected into styling as well. I’m seeing people wearing their natural textures. Whether it is big curly hair or wavy, textured hair just being minimalistic in their colour and styling.


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