Job Interview Appearance Tips


Job interviews can be intimidating and stressful. While it can be easy to go overboard in the fashion and beauty department in an effort to look your best, you very well may leave a negative impression. Keeping your overall look clean, simple and conservative is often the best and safest approach for job interviews. See below for some of our favourite hair, makeup and fashion tips for your next job interview.  


1. A suit (pants or skirt) is a safe, classic look you can’t go wrong with. Ensure its not too tight and that your blouse is well-fitted and not tight. Try for a knee-length skirt, if possible.

2. Stick to a simple, neat hairstyle. A blowout is always stylish or a sleek low bun or ponytail can also work well.

3. Keep accessories to a minimum. Simple minimal jewelry tends to be popular and any hair pieces should be small and understated in size.

4. Makeup and nail polish should be natural and flattering. Soft nudes or pinks work well. Avoid excessive shimmer, heavy eyeliner and bright colours.

5. When it comes to shoes, avoid open toe or any type of sporty shoe. Basic, low-heeled pumps are a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

6. Avoid perfume if possible. If you choose to wear it, try a light fresh scent.

7. Consider removing body piercings and hiding tattoos. Depending on the job you’re going for, for some, these can be a little distracting.


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