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Hottest Fitness Studios In Toronto, Vancouver, LA & NY



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Barry’s Boot Camp Toronto
Barry’s boot-camp is called “the best workout in the world”, and it just recently opened a studio in Toronto, it’s first Canadian location. Launched in Los Angeles in 1998, Barry’s now has studio locations in seven countries and 18 different cities including London, Dubai, Milan and New York. The Toronto location is the biggest one, at 8,000 square-feet. There is a smoothie bar where you can pre order a smoothie for pick up after class. Exercises are never duplicated at Barry’s, so each workout will be a unique experience. The Barry’s method is a combination of HIIT ( high intensity interval training) exercises broken up into four 15- minute intervals of treadmill cardio and floor exercises for strength training. Don’t like cardio? Do double floor!

Studio Lagree
With 3 Toronto locations, Lagree has quickly become one of the most popular workouts. It is the first Canadian studio offering the Lagree fitness method. The workout is performed on a machine similar to a Pilates reformer but “on steroids”. The workout is described as “fusion of Pilates, strength, core, cardio/circuit training and stretching” all in 50 minutes. It is designed to provide maximum muscle effort while minimizing stress of joints and connective tissue. This class is extremely challenging and sweaty, you’ll definitely feel it the next day… or week.



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A chic-studio that offers cycling classes and meditation. The place where you can be high-energy, or extremely relaxed. The spin classes range from 45-70 minutes focusing on cardiovascular strength. The meditation ranges from a guided meditation class as well as workshops a few times a year. The workshops range from meditation workshops, intention setting, stress management and sound bathing. Not to mention, the studio is super cute.

Pure Barre
This chain of Barre workouts has locations all across the United States and Ontario and British Columbia. The workout is 45-50 minutes of muscle shaking goodness. You use the ballet barre and other light equipment focusing on different areas of the body. If you turn into a regular, you will get stronger with each class. It is the fastest, most effective full body workout.


Los Angeles:

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Pop Physique
The cutest, trendiest studio has various locations across Los Angeles, a San Francisco location, New York and a recently opened Toronto location. The studios are bright and focus on lengthening and leaning out the muscles. The class consists of small movements for targeted areas of the body. It creates tight muscles and is based on the Lotte ballet-Barre method. The class uses a ball in between the thighs, light weights with high reps, and a whole lot of strength! “TUCK AND SQUEEZE”  You won’t be able to walk the next day.

Rise Nation
This is the workout of all workouts. Do you want a full cardio session in only 30 minutes? Rise Nation can give you that. Ideal for those on the go, have a busy work day or simply don’t want to spend 2 hours of their day getting to and from a 60 minute class. You can fit in a rise nation class during your lunch break with 30 minutes to spare. You use the VersaClimber and just climb!


New York:



SLT (strengthen, lengthen, tone)
A combination of cardio, strength training and Pilates that will ensure you’re working hard. The classes are on a mega-former machine. This is the ideal way to achieve long, lean muscles. Clients can see results within just one class. They key is consistency. Want to achieve your summer body goals? Attend class 3 times a week.

DanceBody is a fun way to exercise and move your body in a way that doesn’t feel like a workout. It is a dance inspired workout class that sculpts and tones. It is cardio based but features some strength training in the hour long class. There are various styles of dance so you’re sure to find your favourite!


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