The Rise Of G-Beauty


What’s G-Beauty and why is it becoming one of the year’s biggest beauty industry buzz words? G-Beauty is a term coined for German beauty brands and their ideals.  German beauty is essentially ‘clean beauty’, the brands don’t include many toxins and consider themselves a more simple, organic option for consumers. They pare rigorous research and testing with safe, high-quality ingredients.

The New York Times covered G-Beauty in a recent piece. “In German beauty, clean, efficacious skin care can mean taking a farm-based, organic approach, as is the case with Weleda, a natural skin-care pioneer with Swiss-German roots that was founded in 1921; and Dr. Hauschka, a natural skin care and cosmetics line that has been around since 1967. Both have had decades to build out their biodynamic farms, labs and manufacturing processes. Cassandra Grey, the founder of Violet Grey, a luxury beauty retailer in Los Angeles, is even more emphatic. “Customers now look for the Made in Germany stamp on skin-care products the same way we look for the organic sticker on our tomatoes,” she said. The three top-selling skin-care lines at her shop are from Germany.

For those interested in giving G-Beauty a try, some of the most popular brands include Weleda, Dr. Hauschka and Royal Fern.



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