Rainbow Nails Make A Comeback For Spring


With Spring finally here, many women update their makeup, skincare and yes, their nail art. Winter tends to favour darker, muted and more traditional nail colour choices, while spring and summer open the door to fresher, brighter shades. This Spring is no exception and the latest trend gaining in popularity is Rainbow Nails. Instagram is abuzz with cool colours and looks. Celebrities love the trend and the look has been spotted recently on both Kendall Jenner and Rihanna.

The Today Show profiled the trend and spoke with Monica Stevens, a New York City-based cosmetologist, beauty influencer and Sally Beauty brand ambassador, about the trend. “I am always a nail fanatic, and I think it’s cool how the rainbow nail trend is coming back”.

Now you don’t have to choose just one color at the nail salon; you can have them all! “It kind of popped up in the early 2000s for a little moment, and then went away, so it looks like that’s coming back,” Stevens said. 

Check out some of our favourite rainbow nail looks below.


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