The Return Of The Hair Scrunchie


Did the hair scrunchie ever really leave? For some, it’s been a staple in bathrooms for decades. You may not have worn it outside but it was a valuable asset at home. Lately however, we’ve been seeing more and more scrunchies worn outside and it’s fast becoming a springtime hair trend. Looks like the 90’s scrunchie look is back and in full swing. Check out some of the season’s freshest, hippest scrunchie styles below.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Darling Bow Scrunchie ($6): A pretty and youthful look for any style, this bow scrunchie is sure to be a hit when the warmer weather hits,


Slipsilk Scrunchie

Slipsilk Scrunchie ($39): For those looking for a high-end scrunchie, look no further than the Slipsilk Scrunchie. Incredibly gentle on hair, it will help you avoid hair creases and still look fabulous. One box contains six scrunchies.



Asos Knotted Scrunchie

Asos Pink Leopard Print Knotted Scrunchie ($13): For an effortless look, this scarf scrunchie is an easy way to add high style to any look. 


Claire’s Velvet Scrunchie

Claire’s Floral Velvet Hair Scrunchies ($5.99): Comfortable and easy to wear, a velvet scrunchie is a classic daytime choice.