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Beauty Insider: Hélène Joy

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As Dr. Julia Ogden on the hit CBC series Murdoch Mysteries, Hélène Joy steals the small screen in period costume. While the 43-year-old actress may stun on the show with expertly curled ringlets and flawless skin, she favours natural beauty away from the set. With Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries airing on TK at TK this fall, Real Style spoke to the Australian-born, Toronto-based actress about her beauty regimen. From essential products to her best beauty advice, Joy spills her secrets on makeup, skincare and more.


On her beauty routine:

For hair: Olaplex. It’s brilliant!

For skin: I’m absolutely obsessed with the beautiful natural products made by 100% Pure and a local Ontario company called Living Libations. Both of their product lines are so nourishing and totally natural and they smell divine.

My facialist at Lege Artis in Toronto is an amazing woman who has created her own dermatological line. She keeps it as natural as possible, while using really active ingredients. I particularly love her vitamin C serum.

I like to use a lot of sunscreen in the daytime. I use a physical sunscreen that has a lot of zinc in it and has the added benefit of being really light reflective. I’ll always follow that with another sunscreen in a tinted makeup or moisturizer. I like to go natural with that one when I can. Pacifica actually has a really lovely natural BB cream that I like.

Skincare must-haves: 

I like to get a facial every month or so. I often do peels at the change of season, and I love IPL! It keeps my freckles under control. If I didn’t do them I would have millions on my face. I actually find freckles really lovely; however they don’t look great on screen. Day and night I use an equal combination of really potent ingredients like retinol and vitamin C from my facialist and lovely 100 percent natural products. When I’m on holiday from work, I go completely natural to give my skin rest.

Foolproof hair advice:

I don’t wash my hair all that often! I use colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner and occasionally use Olaplex. After washing, I never style it; I just let it dry naturally. That way it stays very healthy. I also love dry shampoo. CBC’s new TV show Baroness von Sketch Show has a hilarious sketch that captures my love of dry shampoo.

Best beauty advice: 

From a director: “Don’t ever do plastic surgery because you’ll just end up looking like everybody else.” Also, sleep more. 

On staying fit: 

When you’re shooting, it is really difficult to have any kind of routine or regimen. My hours are very long and are always changing. However when I can I like to run. In the summer I bike everywhere. I do Pilates and yoga.

Healthy diet tips:

When I’m being good, I eat a diet pretty full of vegetables, organic fish, chicken and eggs, and a little bit of fruit. When I’m being bad, I usually add bread and chips to that. But I keep it clean probably 70 percent of the time. I think it’s what we do most of the time that matters. And most importantly I focus on how I feel. Feeling good almost trumps looking good in my book. And it often has the added benefit of making you look great at the same time.