7,000-Person Waitlist For New oVertone Colour Conditioner













The upcoming launch of oVertone’s latest hair product offering already has a 7,000-person waitlist. Set to launch on January 23, 2019, the semi-permanent dye alternative promises to quickly transform dark strands to a vivid shade without bleach or damage. This is welcome news for brunettes who want to enhance and jazz up their hair colour.

The new product titled Purple for Brown Hair is for use in the shower and couldn’t be easier to use. The brand promises that anyone with light-medium brown starting shades can use the multitasker to deeply condition and achieve an ultraviolet hue from the comfort of their shower — all in under 15 minutes.

In a statement, oVertone co-founder Maegan Scarlett shared her thoughts on Purple for Brown Hair. “We discovered a lot of our brown-haired consumers wanted a vivid color but didn’t necessarily want to pre-bleach their strands to get there. Purple for Brown Hair removes the need for lighteners and bleach due to its intense pigment levels.”

If you’re in the market for a hair colour change, Purple for Brown Hair will be available in three formats with prices ranging from $29 – $47. Check out the oVertone site for more details


Photo Credits: oVertone