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Bizarre Beauty Trend Sees Women Altering Their Face Using Prosthetics


There’s never a shortage of unusual beauty trends, but this latest one does have some people scratching their heads. The DailyMail reports that some women are using prosthetics to alter their appearance. Items like masking tape, duct tape, professional wax and other items are being used by women in an effort to ‘improve’ their facial features. In some cases, the results are quite striking.

Despite the fact that a variety of items are needed and it is time consuming, women are still engaging in this attempt at facial reconfiguring. 

The DailyMail featured YouTuber Promise Tamang who earlier this year uploaded a video tutorial on the trend which she said is particularly popular in China. Promise said that when women take off their makeup they’re a ‘completely different person’ underneath. 

Take a look at her video below.