Hair Colour Trends For 2019


When it comes to hair trends, there’s never a shortage of cutting-edge looks and beautiful shades. Fall 2018 is full of gorgeous colours including shades of brown and red. Curious about what the hot hair colour trends will be for 2019? The Daily Mail consulted with four hair colour experts and has confirmed the seven colours to watch.     


Green: Yes, green will be in.  It’ll be a darker shade of green (no light or neon).

Coloured Balayage:  The experts predict pink and purple versions of the popular balayage look.

Blanket Colour: Speaking with The Daily Mail, John Vial, co-founder of Salon Sloane, believes we’ll also see a return to what he calls ‘disciplined colouring’. “People are going to go back to blanket colour, it’s ‘virginal’ hair, to make it look like the colour it was when they were a teenager. As a complement to that, and to stop brown hair fading to a gingery colour, colourists are using blue and green tints so that it’s true flat brown.”

Pastel Panels: Hair coloured by panels in various pastel shades like apricot.

Petrol Blue: The experts predict petrol blue (a blue/green blend) will be trending.

Cerise Pink: Think bold, cherry-inspired pink hair colour.

Visible Roots: Less harsh looking roots balanced with highlights.