5 Tricks To Enhance Pale Winter Skin


With overcast skies and temperatures starting to plummet, summertime is now a distant memory. It’s time to embrace your fair skin this season and put your best face forward! Check out our top five ways to emphasize your skin tone this season:


1). Skip Bronzer and embrace a natural sheer foundation for an enhanced glow: A lightweight foundation will help show off your natural skin and keep it radiant looking. Consider Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation ($78) for a dewy, fresh look.

2). Enhance cheeks with a light peach blush: Use an understated blush with a faint peachy hue to bring warmth to pale cheeks. Test out Rimmel London Royal Cream Blush in Peach Jewel ($8).

3). Aim For Shiny, Rich Coloured Hair: Consider adding a brighter, bolder shade of colour to your hair or add some gloss and sheen to make your locks standout (thereby helping to complement and brighten your skin tone). 

4). Invest in an Exfoliator or Peel: Cell turnover slows in frigid temperatures so consider assisting skin by sloughing off dead skin. Investing in a good facial exfoliator or peel can make a big difference.

5). Invest in an Illuminator: Using an illuminator to highlight parts of your face can add glow and brighten up your entire visage. Check out Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($50) for some inspiration.   


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