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Eyebrow Wigs Become An Unusual Beauty Trend

Photo Credit: Glam&Gore


Do you like your eyebrows? Are they too thin, not attractive enough? Want to try something a little different? Well, you’re in luck. Eyebrow wigs are the unusual beauty trend being discussed on beauty blogs and influencer sites. They first made news in 2017, but are back as a late summer 2018 trend.

Most often used by people who actually need them for medical reasons (i.e. cancer survivors), eyebrow wigs look exactly as you would imagine. They’re eyebrows made with either real or fake hair that you attach to your face using a special adhesive.

According to The Sun UK, YouTube beauty icon Jeffree Star first kicked off the trend when he tried out the wigs for his 9 million subscribers last year. Seeing as the wigs can be worn for up to seven days and then recycled every three months, Jeffree was full of praise and said it was “such an innovative, cool idea”. Fellow YouTuber Glam&Gore also tried them out and wore them in public, garnering mixed, mostly negative reactions.   

In general, opinions are indeed mixed with some disliking the look and others finding them to be too expensive. Prices do vary, but if your interested in giving eyebrow wigs a try, a mid-range price is about $20-$30.



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