Jelly Nails – One of Summer’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Photo Credit: @peachyqueenblog

Nostalgic for the 90’s? Seems like quite a few people are, as beauty trends this year have been inspired by the decade of fun. The latest 90’s inspired beauty trend to hit the big time are jelly nails.

Colourful and vibrant, jelly nails have taken off on social media with fans (including Kylie Jenner) showing off their colourful nails. So what are jelly nails exactly? Jelly nails are essentially fake nails that are see-though. So instead of a solid block of colour, the ends of jelly nails are transparent.

Interested in trying out jelly nails? The Sun UK reports they can be created by a regular nail technician, or if you’re feeling brave you can try to make them at home with a pre-bought set.