Tips & Tricks For Achieving The Perfect Glow With Bronzer


For those eager to brighten up and add a summer glow to their complexion, adding a bronzer to a beauty routine can be a lifesaver. It can dramatically alter a look (for the better)! See below for some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect glow with bronzer.

Moisturize: Always moisturize the skin before applying bronzer to help ensure a smoother, more even application.

Pick the Right Shade: To avoid an artificial look, makeup artists and experts tend to follow the rule of not going more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Use the Right Brush: Thick brushes can lead to over-application. When applying bronzer, the best choice is a fluffy, soft brush that will help ensure a light, even application.

Try a Matte Bronzer: While shimmery, glowing bronzers can look pretty in the packaging, they aren’t often the best choice (especially if you have oily skin). Go with a matte bronzer and use a highlighter after if you want to add a little glow to certain parts of your face. If your face is dry, consider using a liquid bronzer.

Bronzer Application: Celebrity makeup artist Susan Posnick says “when using it to shape the face, apply it under the cheekbone and onto the cheek for definition, apply it just under the jawline and onto the neck to make the jawline appear stronger. Lightly dust it onto the temples and onto the nose.” Also remember to tap off your brush before you apply. If you don’t you’ll likely apply too much product. Build your coverage slowly.


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