Top 4 Gender-Neutral Fragrances


For many of us, when the season changes, so too does our choice of fragrance. We tend to wear a slightly heavier fragrance in the cooler months and opt for a fresher, lighter scent in the warmer months. With spring (finally) here, we’re loving the idea of a gender-neutral fragrance and lucky for us, there are some great options available. Gender-neutral fragrances tend to be fresher, more natural scents that are less cloying and, in some cases, easier to wear. If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, take a look at our top four gender-neutral picks below.


CK all – A true pioneer in gender-neutral fragrances, CK all is a refreshing scent with notes of citrus and jasmine.


Malin+Goetz Petitgrain – A decadent scent that screams sophistication, Petitgrain is a blend of warm citrus, delicate florals and soft woods.

Kiehl’s Original Musk – A classic scent with lily, citrus and musk.


Commodity Bergamot – This classy scent is a gender-neutral blend of bright green notes and citrus.



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