7 Tips & Tricks For Healthy, Beautiful Nails



Spring is right around the corner (finally) and its time to prep for the upcoming season. Nails tend to take a beating in the winter with many of us suffering from dry nails, cracked cuticles, chipped nails and more. If you’re looking for some tried and true ways to improve the look and feel of your nails, check out some of our favorite tips and tricks below.


1. Oil: Nails are often dehydrated and weak in the winter. Use a quality cuticle oil (or even olive or coconut oil) to help improve the condition and look of nails.

2. Always use a base and top coat: Using a quality base and top coat will help your nail polish last longer and dry quicker.

3. Treat Damaged Nails: Don’t delay in treating dry and damaged nails. Clip and file nails when they are moist/wet (doing it on dry nails can make splits worse) and use a nail strengthener.

4. Take a supplement and eat a balanced diet: A balanced diet helps your overall health and supplements can also be beneficial. Biotin is a popular choice for nail health.


5. Nail polish remover: Non-acetone nail polish removers are a better choice for those with nail challenges. They use less solvents and are less drying.


6. Avoid Certain Products: Stay away from nail hardening products and harsh soaps. These can damage and aggravate already fragile nails.

7. Use Gloves: Protect hands and nails when cleaning, using hot water and when using harsh cleaning products.