Beauty Interview

Dr. Jessica Weiser Shares Spring Beauty & Skin Care Advice


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, Dr. Jessica Weiser answers some of the most popular beauty and skin care questions. Read an excerpt below.


Q: What is your advice (or tips) on how best to transition and update a skin care routine for spring?

A: When transitioning from winter skin products to a spring or summer routine, it is important to account for environmental changes such as increased humidity, increased outdoor time, and risk of seasonal allergies. While it is still important to keep skin hydrated in warmer weather, often it is possible to stop thick rich creams and instead use lighter weight hydrating gems and lotions. Sun protection is crucial year-round, but with increased outdoor time, it is more important than ever to carry sun protection with you to reapply at least every two hours to sun exposed skin surfaces. Also, using daily antioxidant rich products in the morning will help stave off pollution-associated and UV-induced oxidative damage to the skin. Finally, some people will need to add an antihistamine to their daily routine as trees, grasses and flowers sprout and bloom releasing pollen into the air.


Q: Aside from sunscreen, what product(s) should women over 25 be using every day?


1. Skin cleanser to remove all makeup daily at end of the daily
2. Antioxidants in morning for prevention
3. Sunscreen throughout the day for prevention and maintenance
4. Moisturizer and other hydrators right before bed
5. Eye cream/gel to prevent accelerated aging of periorbital skin (sun, squinting, rubbing, etc)


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