How To Protect Your Hair This Winter


Winter can lead to some harsh realities for hair, especially thin or damaged hair. There are however, some simple things you can do to minimize damage and help maintain the look and feel of healthy hair.


Shampoo Less – Try to cut down your hair washing to every other day. This will help minimize dry hair. Use lukewarm water and end your shower by rinsing with cold water to lock in moisture.


Use Leave-in Conditioner – Condition hair each time you shower and use a leave-in conditioner to help lock moisture in.


Give Yourself a Trim – Try to fit in a hair trim every 6 to 8 weeks. A regular trim will keep hair looking and feeling healthy.


Avoid Hat Head – To keep your hair looking great when you have to cover up, try a hat with a silk lining. This will stop dents in your hair. Also avoid using products like gel that will hold those hair creases in place.


Keep Up With Your Supplements & Stay Hydrated – Continue taking your vitamins and stay hydrated. Popular vitamins that support healthy, thriving hair include Vitamin D, B-Complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

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