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Beyoncé’s Longtime Makeup Artist Sir John Opens Up To Billboard



Makeup artist Sir John is a well-known and highly respected makeup artist with a devoted following. He has crafted the beauty looks of well-known beauties including Karlie Kloss and Priyanka Chopra, but his most famous client is his muse, superstar Beyoncé. Sir John crafted some of her most iconic beauty looks including her show-stopping look at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Sir John has come a long way from his days as an 18-year-old working the Mac Cosmetics counter. Billboard spoke with him recently to get his take on key beauty trends and of course, Beyoncé. See an excerpt below. Read the full interview here.


Now that it’s officially awards season, what are the key beauty trends that you have noticed during this year’s red carpet circuit?

I’ve seen a lot of angular lifting of the eyes. So if you look at Gaga — I did one on Bey, but she wore glasses — and I look at so many of the girls; they have this feline liner, and it’s really universally flattering. It’s such a throwback; if you go to the Met or MOMA, you’ll see feline silhouettes to the eyes were popular in Mesopotamia, Egypt… and is also relevant today. What I think is so cool about the modern space we’re in is that everyone has their own spin or flavor to it. I love to see women dissect a look that’s been so popular for over 3000 years and make it their own.


Out of all of the stunning beauty looks you’ve collaborated on together, which would you say is your favorite or proudest Beyoncé makeup moment?

The first day I met her — so Tom Ford’s womenswear show in 2010. I loved the [2017] Grammys, and she was gilded in gold. Peter Dundas made this beautiful dress, and that whole moment, I will never forget it. When a woman is pregnant, I feel she’s at her most beautiful — this is just my opinion — it felt good to be there and be a part of it all.



Photo: Instagram

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